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About Us

Groupe Konsult was founded in 2011 by Prof. Martin Drapeau from McGill University. The team specializes in identifying and analysing the scientific literature in mental health and the social sciences, including in psychiatry, nursing, psychology, social work, counselling and other related disciplines. Our team includes a core group of university professors who have a strong track record in research, have received research funding from diverse institutions, and have published extensively. The team also includes researchers with a strong expertise in conducting surveys and knowledge syntheses, including in reviews and syntheses of different formats (e.g., narrative reviews, systematic reviews, best practices, practice guidelines), and in knowledge dissemination.

What we do

Groupe Konsult specialises in identifying and analysing the research and other related documents that could help you make an informed decision on a topic of importance to you or help document a position statement you wish to develop or a policy you wish to implement. Our team is trained in systematic literature searches, both for the scientific literature and the grey literature, and in the critical appraisal of that literature using valid and established methods. We can help also help you improve the methods you use to develop research-informed documents such as practice guidelines, and can conduct surveys on your behalf, and provide an in-depth analysis of the data collected.

What we do not do

Groupe Konsult does not conduct reviews on basic biological mechanisms, medication, or interventions or procedures in physical health. We also do not conduct large-scale population surveys (e.g. of Canadians or of Quebecers). Instead, our survey services are geared toward specific populations that you can have access to (e.g., members of an association, a specific group of professionals, a specific group of service users).

How we do it

The team includes a core group of experienced researchers. One or many experts in a given area are added to the group based on the topic to investigate. Groupe Konsult aims to offer the best services possible, while providing advanced doctoral students with an opportunity to participate in research. As such, doctoral students participate actively in our projects, under the close supervision of the team. This allows us to keep costs as low as possible, and provides students with a great opportunity to apply the skills they have acquired over many years of graduate school.


Prices vary depending on the services you are looking for. If you have already received a quote for a service, let us know and we’ll beat it. We can work within any budget.

Please note that Groupe Konsult does not offer clinical services and does not offer clinical advice to individuals. If you should require such advice, please consult with a mental health professional or review the information provided by Medipsy Psychological Services. Visit their website if you are looking for a psychologist, neuropsychologist, psychotherapist, or sex therapist in Montreal or Westmount.